Wednesday, December 14, 2005

my next summer trip?

Last week I turned down a chance to go to South Africa on a Medical Mission trip to a community called Atlantis outside of Cape Town. There was something about the the organization of the group, it's leadership, and the trips goals that I didn't feel right about. It wasn't that I felt like it would be a bad experience. There are definitly people there that are in need of basic health care. I just didn't feel like the trip was the right fit for me. Anyway, I turned down my spot on the team hoping that something else would come up. Where one door shuts, another opens... or something like that. A friend of mine in school got hooked up with an organization called Himalayan Health. They are sending people on a trip to the edge of the western Tibetian Plateau, an area called Spiti. It turns out that I was offered a spot on the team. This photo is one of the villages where the team will be visiting and providing basic health care. The trip is amazing, a little pricey (I still got to figure out how I am going to pay for it all) but will surely be an incredible experience and opportunity, a great way to finish off my 1st year of medical school.

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Kellen said...

That's sure gonna raise some hematocrit levels