Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Debut of the Salt Sea Pirates...

Salt Sea Pirates
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2005 was the debut year of "Sky Captain and the Salt Sea Pirates" cycling squad with full custom kits featuring a flaming zepplin. Our team began as an group of close friends and family organizing a team for the 2005 MS 150 (a benefit ride for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society held all over the country). We started with only a few people but ended up with a team of 12 that raised >$4000.00 for the Society. We may not have been the largest team, but we were dripping with style, panache and sprezzaturra. Thus began the reign of the "Salt Sea Pirates". Randomly throughout the year we will have rides that act as "feats of strength" and riding with fellow pirates always make the ride that much more enjoyable and humorous. This pic is from the 2005 MS 150 with THE "Sky Captain" in the middle, me on the left and my wife peeking in on the right. Look for more Salt Sea Pirates photos as cycling season starts again and defiantly we will be present in the 2006 MS 150 in Utah.