Sunday, March 01, 2009

First century (and a dime) of the year.

On Saturday the Salt Sea Pirates gathered down in sunny and warmer St. George for an early season century. We had El Dentista, Deenacious, Mr. Fabulous, Eugie the Destroyer, El Esqueleto, Tillmann, Bryan (new to the crowd) and a bunch of Deenacious' family. We had a great ride of 110 miles through the desert country to the Zion National Park entrance and back. I didn't feel great the last 20 miles or so of the ride but it was still nice to be out riding. The weather was good and the company was awesome. Don't forget to check out the SSP blog for a write up on Skillz' race in Annapolis last weekend.

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Kellen said...

Before the Speedy nickname dispute is even resolved, Seth has taken it upon himself to give out other nicknames. Shame!