Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Riding in Nor Cal

Eugena, Fisher and I have been in Northern California since Sunday evening. Despite the rain and cold we've been able to get some great biking in. We got out on Monday and today and caught the Tour of California yesterday (video).

On Monday I headed up and out on Calaveras road, which is a great road ride and one of my favorites here in the Bay Area. I finished the ride off by finishing the climb up the back side of Sierra road.
Tuesday we caught the Tour of California after they had ridden Sierra on their way to Calaveras road heading towards Livermore and Modesto. We parked ourselves on "The Wall" a short but steep grade (pitches up to 16%). These guys were just flying up the pitch, it is always incredible to see the Pros in action and up close, TV just doesn't do justice to their speed and power.
Today Eugie and I headed up to tackle the tough side of Sierra Rd. It's around 3.5 miles in lenght and averages over 10% grade whilc climbing almost 2000 ft above silicon valley. I tried to puch it hard and did the climb in just under 28 minutes, while averaging around 300 watts for the climb.
Tomorow we are going to hit up the Mt. Hamilton climb, a long slug in the hills above the bay area, it should be sweet.

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