Sunday, August 12, 2007

SSP plunder california Day 1

Day 1: After arriving in cali on Sunday we headed out for a sweet and killer ride on monday morning. The weather was a nice cool 70 deg and we decided to do a ride called the "Bay to Coast Classic". It starts in Palo Alto and heads over the mountains to Pescadero on the coast. Part of the race that I did in June is on the same roads so we were excited to get some sweet riding in. The road immediatly turned upward with a 9 mile climb into the coastal mountains. The climb was beautiful as we rose above the sea of asphalt and metal that is the Bay area, although it was a pretty steep climb. Once on the top though we were treated to an amazing 7 mile descent through the redwoods to get to the small community of Pescadero. After meeting our family there for lunch we headed out on Stage road (part of the Pescadero classic race course). The course proved to have a little more climbing then we anticipated so we decided to change our course a little bit and end up hooking back on the route we took to the coast. It's hard to be upset that your climbing a long hard hill when the road you are on is free of traffic and you can sit and spin quietly as you ride through beautiful redwood forests. After all the climbing was done we had a thrilling descent back to the car below. It was a great ride and I'd jump at the chance to ride it again.
Stats: 60 miles, 6600 feet of climbing, 2 pesto chicken sandwiches and 1 giant cast iron skeleton with a 50 caliber machine gun.

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