Saturday, August 11, 2007

The dual

Last Saturday we gathered in southern Utah for a supported century called the Desperado Dual. It is held in beautiful southern utah canyon country and it did not disappoint. The morning was a bit chilly and we started the 106 mile loop about 5 minutes late. Soon the temp warmed up and we started the gentle climb up red canyon. About mile 38 Sugar who was wearing the best young rider jersey called it a day and split to ride back to Panguitch. After around mile 40 the team finally found it's groove. We had the core SSP team with a few friends that wanted to ride with the Pirates for the day. We had a total of 10 or so riders. Around mile 45 we cruised upon a small group and they hopped on the back of the Pirate train. It was a pretty site seeing 10 or so SSPs pushing a 26 mph pace at the front of a group of 30 or so riders. The rest of the day was fast and fun. We flew down a long descent and the ride back to town was a little slower with a slight head wind. All in all it was a very fun century for the team. We'll be back next year.

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