Monday, May 01, 2006

UG the marathoner

Last Saturday (April 29th) my wife Eugena ran her very first marathon. The event she chose for her entrance into the world of long distance running was the Nashville Country Music Marathon. For a detailed and humorous explanation as to why this particular marathon check out her blog at She ran a great race. Her finishing time was 4:43:48, an excellent time for her first marathon. She didn't have any problems during the race and the weather was a great 70 degrees and overcast. She has been quite sore and stiff in these days following the race but for that amount of stress that your body goes through to run 26.2 miles a little post-exercise fatigue is to be expected. The picture is of us after the race standing on a bridge over the Cumberland River with downtown in the background. We had a great time, Eugena ran a great race and accomplished an incredible goal, I'm so proud of her.

Looking ahead 4.5 months to our next big challenge.....I signed up to ride the LOTOJA race on September 9th ( The race is a 206 mile bike race from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY. I'll be riding it with my father (the one, the only Sky Captain) and two of my brothers (Cletus and Ricky Bobby). I'm pretty stoked for the ride but extremely worried at the same time about fitting in the training miles between my spending time with my wife and dog, medical school, a 3-week international medical trip this summer, a 2-week preceptorship with a doc in Kansas City, and all the other little things that seem to get in the way. I'll try to keep you updated as I progress with the training. Today I fit in a quicky of 19 miles around the lake outside of town, not too bad for a short little ride.


Baps said...

Hey Seth,

You need to have a link on your page to your wife's blog. Hope all is well!


Cletus said...

Cletus Rules!