Sunday, April 13, 2008

My longest ride of the season

While 1/2 of the SSPs were tearing it up in the far reaches of the frozen north, a small group of pirates gathered down south for a nice spring ride. Scott, Kellen, John (sp?) and I met for a great little ride with some climbing. I left from headquarters in Sandy for a ride to American Fork. After meeting up with the guys we went back over traverse mtn, into bluffdale, past Camp Williams, into Lehi and wound our way back to AF. I left Kellen and John there and rode back to the house. I ended up with 83 solid miles and around 6700 feet of climbing in there on the 3 trips over traverse mtn. My longest ride of the season and one that I needed in prep for a race I have this weekend (Tax Day race). All in all it was a great ride with great company. For the interested I posted my iBike file below. The blue highlighted part is my self-timed traverse climb (the selection stats are on the left). I did pretty well. I was riding it at around 85% of my max effort and was only 38 seconds off my record time.

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Eugie said...

By the end of this season I want your Traverse time to be sub 10 minutes. Make it happen!