Sunday, February 17, 2008

Something to keep my mind off the 6 foot piles of snow in my driveway

So I have this gut feeling winter is on it's way out. Maybe its the fact that its almost March, maybe its because I can't imagine it can keep on like this for much longer. More importantly the reason I feel the demise of the giant snow piles is soon is because the USA professional cycling season began today. The Tour of California began today with a short 2.1 mile prologue in Palo Alto, CA. I was envious of the sunny and 60 degree weather and cycling freedom. Its been snowing here since ohhhh.....early December (although i can't complain too much cause its good to have the snowpack for the states water). I've been on my trainer indoors since late last fall and I needed to get outside. The captain and I took a nice spin outside while were down in slc this last weekend. It was a little chilly but other wise good cycling, anything outdoors is good cycling for me right now. But I regress, the Tour of California is back and stronger this year. They have 5 current of past world champions at the race this year (Cancellara who won the prologue today, Bettini, Boonen, Freire, and the Lion King himself Mario Cipollini). It should be sweet racing. Levi will be racing with fire in his belly after his team got the shaft from ASO the organizer of the Tour de France. You can support him and this injustice towards the greatest cyclists in the world by going here. Finally, cycling season has begun!

On other (and more important) notes Eugie is trying to not let this super influenza that she caught get the best of her. She's been sick this whole past week and luckily her mom and sister have been in town to hang out while I've been up in Idaho on my Psychiatry rotation. I feel bad for my wife who hasn't had a break from feeling like crap since Thanksgiving time. Just as she was getting over the wonderful gift of nausea and vomiting given to her by the little blessing she's carrying, she found this bug floating around. Although if you look at her face in the picture below, she still has some fight in her...

Kiowa has even taken to mourn for Eugie as she tries to get better:

But as of now, it looks like we have a few more weeks of snowy times. Luckily I'm almost done with my Psych rotation. I think life will seem a bit more cheery when I'm not surrounded by people with chronic mental illnesses.

The Cancellara from the Tour of California is courtesy of Jonathan Devich on

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bryan said...

Wait ... little blessing? I say congrats to you, sir.

Get your miles in now -- they come in strange bunches later.