Sunday, December 02, 2007

Where did this come from?

So I went down to Salt Lake Friday evening with the anticipation on racing a cyclocross race at Wheeler farm on Saturday. The weather looked average for an early December weekend and the storm that was forcasted to hit must have made a wrong I thought. I woke up on Saturday morning to 6 inches of the classic Utah fluffy stuff. It was beautiful and was going to make for a VERY interesting race. To get to the point, I wish I could have enjoyed the very slippery and very snowy course. I was feeling so crappy during the race I didn't have a chance to have that much fun. I hope its just the fact that I'm still getting over some viral URI that I caught. Looking back on the race it was pretty fun, I must have had at least 2 or 3 full on triple-rag-doll crashes as my bike decided to slip one direction on some off-camber turn and sent me flying the other direction. It was snowing so hard that my dad's auto-focus on his camera had a hard time focusing on the right object. So I'm pretty sure I came in dead last in the single speeders. Some of those guys are freaking fast. Not that I could keep up anyway but it sure didn't help that I wanted to vomit the whole race, but I guess this is what cyclocross is all about. More pictures here.

PS. I will be posting some pics from our awesome Turkey day Moab mountain biking trip soon. Paul Fagan and Titus joined us in the desert from some sweet mountain biking. Unfortunately our camera malfunctioned and most of our picture were lost, so I'm waiting on Paul and Titus to send me some of theirs. Eugena posted a few pictures and a bit about the trip here.
My cousin and Salt Sea Pirate extrordinaire raced as well. He had a good race breaking in his new Felt cross bike.
Racer from Racers Cycle service absolutely tearing it up in the single speed class.
The run up


Anonymous said...

Seth, I stole the start picture for my blog. I hope that's ok with you. It's funny, but the six guys you can see in the picture finished top six. Snow is the great equalizer.

bryan said...

Mmmmmm. Felt. Tasty.

Knuckler said...

Snow, I thought they banned that stuff this year. The Moab pics look like fun. A friend has finally made me commit to going this spring, so I guess I'll finally see what all they hype is about. And of course, I'll let you know how much SG is after I can truly compare the two. Peace.