Thursday, August 31, 2006

A new year, a new quarter, a new bike, and a new entry

So, it's been a while since I posted a entry on the blog. Likely I have lost the 2 readers that I did have so I assume I am starting fresh. So on Sunday I celebrated my 26th birthday. I must tell you that so far it has been everything that I had thought it would be.....yeah, nothing has changed. Which is a good thing because I have a pretty sweet life. My wonderful wife and I also celebrated our 4th year anniversary on the 17th. And to top an already wonderful day I also received the Moots that day. Yes UPS had the vision to delay the shipment so that it would arrive on my anniversary. I believe UPS must have been trying to sabotage my marriage as such a delivery on that day would test my ability to not ignore my wife and spend all my time with the new bike. Needless to say UPS did not prevail (side note: our UPS delivery guy deserves the title of "completely awesome" simply because he is the one who sold us our greatest investment ever: the set of 3 lockers...). On the topic of the Moots, I don't quite know how to explain the sweetness of the ride. It's like a highly purified drop of speed, finesse, and panache was engrained in every molecule of titanium in that frame. I keep telling everyone, "It rides like a dream..." Its smooth on the road, it climbs well, and it descends like a banshee, plus it is ozzing style. Since it's arrival on the 17th I have put a solid 430 miles on the Moots, and yes, it still rides like a dream. The Moots and I are preparing for a 206 mile race from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY with my Father (The Captain), Jansen, and Kellen. We will all be riding brand new Moots, and although we may not ride very quickly (especially the last 100 miles or so) we will be riding with massive amounts of style. You see, we will be utilizing a new technology called, "Style Propulsion System" (SPS), patents pending. I will definatly be writing another entry before and after the race.
Along with the new addition to the bike part of our family, I officially turned over the first year of medical school. As of last friday I became a 2nd year medical student. This is vaguely important because: 1) I now get to begin stressing out about the first step of boards (which I will take in may of june). 2) A new class of students arrived so it's slightly amusing and satisfying to see them stress about Anatomy, Histology, Biochemisty and all those other 1st year classes, while I sit back and stress about Pathology, Priciples of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Pharmacology, Principles of Surgery, and all the 2nd year classes that really DO matter when it comes to the everyday practice of medicine. 3) I have demolished the all time record for debt, as my debt load double with another tuition payment for the year.

But when I look at all this, it really is nice because it means that I made it through the first year of med school and I am one year closer to being able to interact and treat patients, and help them on their way to health. This is assuming of course that I make it though all 206 miles of LOTOJA in one piece...

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